Animator for Congress, Journalist, radio and television animator

Ed Van Siclen
VP of Strategy, Veeva CPG & Chemicals.

Ed joined Veeva in 2017 to lead Veeva’s strategy efforts to expand into new markets outside of Veeva’s core life sciences market. Ed is responsible for defining Veeva’s product, market and sales strategy as it shapes the industry clouds for CPG and Chemical markets. Prior to Veeva, Ed has held strategy and executive leadership positions at Adobe Systems, Salesforce.com, BEA Systems and Lithium Technologies.

June 21st – 2 :30pm

“…The Future Arrived Yesterday: Quality’s Role in Digital Transformation”

Over the past decade, the proliferation of social media platforms, mobile devices, AI assistants and everything “connected” has caused a tectonic shift in the human experience. The status quo is under siege, and manufacturers are scrambling to respond to this pace of change through digital transformation initiatives. But are you ready? Have you made your own transformation? And how does quality thread through our new reality? What role should quality play in our digital transformation?

Business excellence advisor

During the first season of his career, Erick spent 12 years on the industrial fields as Technical Manager, then CEO of Memgep Consulting before to be, in 2005, the Quality and Improvement Director of Lyon’s Airports.
He’ll be soon retired to focus on Excellence and trade promotion activities in service’s company and the industrial fields as a French Foreign Trade Advisor . So you’ll see him on both roads; the road of Excellence and the motorbikes off road trip.

June 21st – 2 :30pm

“ Excellence Program : 5 keys of success, a concrete example of creating value for all stakeholders”

On behalf of Lyon’s Airport, that received the prize of the EU Excellence Award for its agility; Erick Perruche will share his insights on the 5 keys of success “Leadership - Energy – Best In Class – Assessment – Ecosystem”. You’ll appreciate the journey of 5 500 airport’s employees through the path of the EFQM Awards in Milan (from 2006 to 2017). This story embodies how a team can push value creation on many levels. A concrete example of creating value for all stakeholders – a pillar to build up a bright future.

Georgios Christodoulou
Head Technical Customer Service, Larnaca Customer Services, Cyprus Telecommunications (Cyta)

Georgios is one of those guys who believe that with hard work and love on what you do (in Greek we call it Meraki; the soul and the care you put on something) you can achieve everything you aspire. He is currently a Customer Service Head at Cyprus Telecom. He is an engineer, a business excellence and TQM expert, a writer, a musician, a cartoonist, an amateur theater performer, a father, a friend, a learner, a little bit of everything that contribute to a strive for a balance between a high level professional life with an enjoyable personal one.

June 22nd – 11:00am

“…and what about the individual?”

So much energy and time are invested in defining what constitutes an excellent organisation, a great work place, an efficient and effective quality system and so on and how to achieve it. However, the individual as a balanced personality is the structural block for all of that and of course for the society in general. But, what are the characteristics of this EXEMPLUM individual that an organization will entrust its prosperity on? Can each and every employee be an integrated and aligned Quality Leader at his/her place of work? The most important characteristic of such individuals is that they do not wonder about in life, both personal and business. They follow a journey to a selected Destination. What are the simple and structured steps one could take to organize this journey to a desired destination ? We are not all meant to change the world BUT we can definitely change OUR world.

International Division Aldes – Excutive VP Aldes Group - EVIA Vice-Chair - General Secretary CCEF, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Morane Rey-Huet is the CEO of a young startup called MEERSENS, leader in the field of testing the consumer immediate environment that may have a risk for their health. He is also leading the international Division (Business and subsidiaries outside of France) of Aldes Group.

The Aldes international perimeter covers 14 subsidiaries and export teams to support customers around the world. It’s a team of more than 800 passionate people involved in Sales, Marketing, R&D, Finance/HR and Manufacturing/Operations. As a result of a double organic growth and Exhausto’s acquisition in 2016, the International division is now representing more than 40% of Aldes group’s turnover.

Morane is Vice-Chair at EVIA, the Professional European Ventilation Manufacturer Association and General Secretary for Rhône-Alpes French Trade Advisors. He is also General Secretary of the French Trade Advisor Organization for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Thomas Penner
Vice President Terminal + Passenger Services, Munich Airport

Thomas has been for 34 years with the airport Munich / Vice President Terminals and Passengers Services After retiring he continued as :
Senior consultant for the Munich airport ( Calfornia , Saudi Arabia) and Expert for the german ministry for traffic ( international projects) Civil Expert for the NATO Transort Group ( HQ) projects abroad. He gave many presentations at international conferences in America, Arabia, Asia and Europe.

He studied law at universities in Bonn, Munich ,political science in Munich and aviation in Loughborough ,UK as well as international management at the management school St. Gallen , Switzerland