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A Team fully implied

For 20 years, France hadn’t welcomed the European Quality Congress.

The relation between France and this event appears, however, as something special, because the very first edition did take place in Paris – it was in 1957. Since this occasion, the nation belongs to the Top 3 of welcoming countries, with five realizations. Just behind Germany, 6 times, and ahead of England, 4.

So, yes, the EOQ-European Organization for Quality has given a great responsibility to France Qualité – and we intend to meet the challenge !

Pierre Girault, President of France Qualité, built a Project Steering Committee, tightened and consisting of experienced specialists, with :

• Marielle Roux, co-General Secretary of France Qualité and Quality Manager in the Quality Promotion Division of La Poste Group : she is in charge of the Congress Organization and relationship with partners ;
• Patrick Mongillon, Vice-President of France Qualité, 2015 European Quality Leader : he is in charge of the Congress program ;

accompanied by :

• Marc Bazinet (previously in EDF Group), in charge of welcoming items ;
• Vincent Gillet (Afnor), in charge of dedicated budget ;
• Thomas Lejeune (Air France), in charge of the Gala dinner organization ;
• Didier Nadau, Thierry Pellegrin and Jean-Patrick Schweitzer (regional France Qualité network), in charge of regions exposition/booths ;
• Martial Godard (AFQP Ile-de-France), in charge of logistics ;
• Erick Perruche (Foreign Trade Advisor of France), in charge of relationship with contributors/speakers.

This Team works hard to offer you an event corresponding to your expectations, with the sponsorship of partners. Thanks first to an interesting program, secondly to an access to amazing places, areas - adapted as far as the different configurations retained for the event are concerned.